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Welcome to Life Is Cinematic, a site serving as a biographical tribute to the music and message of Adam Young.

On Adam's most recent Owl City album, Cinematic, the title track's lyrics feature the line, '[Life] is a blockbuster movie, and you play the lead role.' This idea applies to everyone, and it is truly fascinating to think of each of our lives in this way.

I find biographies to be interesting. You get to see our successes and failures, dreams and disasters, and everything that leads up to who we become.

Adam's life, as with everyone else's, is truly fascinating. Everything he did as a teenager making music in his basement lead to a record label contract in New York and hit songs reaching the ears of millions of people, causing many to be impacted and inspired.

On this site, you will find a timeline of Adam's life up to this point, a discography of his projects and albums, a compilation of interviews and concerts, and a list of artists who each have a flame of imagination sparked by Adam.

My hope with this site is to reveal the importance of each of our lives and how we spend our time, and how our future looks depending on the decisions we make today. Nothing we do is meaningless, as everything we do affects ourselves and those around us. The hope is to live for today, but also keep the future in mind, regardless of the good and the bad that comes our way. Life truly is cinematic.


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